I’m Called a Weed

I write in defense of the so-called "weed,"
I'm a plant whose virtue people do not heed.
God made me too, and I'm really quite special,
An excellent food, nutritious and delectable.
The sun's energy created my green chlorophyll,
Plus vitamins and minerals, extremely plentiful.
There's dandelion, chickweed, lamb's quarters, and purslane,
Red root and plantain, to name some of fame.
So study a book of weeds, herbs, and flowers
To discover the treasures growing in the backyards.
Because they are growing where they haven't been planted.
They're pulled and thrown out with a vision that's slanted.
From now on, behold God's wondrous provision
Of plants that will heal, which is truly their mission.
They can be cut into salads or steeped into tea
That will bring health and healing and great energy.
Since green's the life color, look around you and see
What God has provided for you and for me.

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