O God, How wonderful Thou Art

I thank you Lord for fragrant flowers and trees,
and views from mountaintops that please.

I sing your praise along the babbling brook,
and for the beauty of reflected look,
for rivers wide that with the current's flow,
and in my heart, your love I really know.

When springtime fruit trees burst into full bloom
and blossoms can be seen from every room,
I know that later in the year
the ripened fruit will once again appear.

For fields of corn that stand so straight and high,
and flying birds against a brilliant sky,
I thank you, Lord.

For farms with good rich soil,
and for the work thereon of honest toil,
for homes to raise our families so dear
the promise is that just around the bend,
we'll see God's glorious rainbow at the end.

I once again sing praises from my heart,
O God, how wonderful thou art!

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