That simple word COME can mean so much
When we read how Jesus used it.
He called, "COME" as He neared the disciples' boat
But Peter's response just didn't quite fit.

He called, "COME" when He saw Zacchaeus up in a tree,
"I want to go to your house today."
He said, "Let the little children COME to me."
And He told the disciples, "Let them stay."

When Philip told Nathanael they found the Messiah,
He didn't believe, but was told, "COME and see."
Once Jesus spoke to the rich young ruler saying,
"Sell all your goods and COME follow me."

"If you are tired and have heavy burdens too,"
He said, "COME to me and I'll give you rest."
"If you are thirsty and in need of a drink,"
He said, "COME, get my living water—the best."

When His friend Lazarus died, He shouted "COME!"
And all were amazed as the dead man walked out.
So when Jesus says, "COME to me now,"
It's your time to believe, and not doubt.

Keep reading the Bible and you'll continually see
The messages of COME are all quite real.
Then with prayers and compassion and true love to all,
We'll COME, follow Him, and the world will heal.

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