This Is My World

On a moss covered log that once was a tree
I sat down, oh, Lord, and thought of Thee.
The moss was various shades of green
With browns and grays all blended between.
Orange and white toadstools were growing there too,
And overhead was a sky of blue.
The leaves on the trees were turned to gold
Where the sunlight touched them and then, behold
I felt Your presence drawing near,
And as I listened, I could hear
The sound of Your voice in whispering trees,
In the babbling brook, and the hum of bees.
As I tuned my ear, I heard You say,
"This is my world, this is my day!"
"What have you done to fit in my plan
That started when creation began?
I need your help to reveal to others
The plan of salvation that will make men brothers."

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