Grocery Department

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  • Full line of groceries, many certified organic, Non-GMO and Fair Trade. Loose leaf teas, coffee and coffee substitutes, non-dairy beverages, juices, oils, sea vegetables, nut butters, cookies, crackers and chips. Unique items such as fresh, local whole-grain baked goods and granolas, local raw honey, assorted natural sweeteners for diabetics and gluten-free products
  • Earth-friendly household cleaners, paper products and pet food
  • Water filters, sprouting supplies and a unique selection of kitchen wares
  • Canning and glass jars and bottles, old-fashioned milk bottles and carriers
  • Full-spectrum light bulbs
  • Refrigerated foods featuring raw goat and cow milk, assorted raw cheeses, free-range eggs, fermented vegetables, non dairy and ready-to-eat items
  • Frozen items: breads (including sprouted, wheat-free, gluten-free, & yeast-free options), quick meals, vegetables, desserts, oil-rich nuts, antibiotic and hormone-free red meats, chicken & fish
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Sonnewald Natural Foods | 4796 Lehman Road, Spring Grove, PA 17362 | (717) 225-3825