Bulk Foods Room

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One of Sonnewald’s most unique features is our Bulk Foods Room. Temperature is climate controlled to keep products fresh and containing the most nutrients, you will find several hundred filled with a variety of bulk items that you can serve yourself. Explore beyond the double green doors to discover:

  • Over 300 self-serve bulk foods consisting of a variety of grains, beans, nuts, seeds, dried fruits, pastas, herbs, spices, natural salts and sugars, granolas & snacks
  • Buy a pinch or Buy a pound
  • Baking mixes, baking ingredients
  • Our famous Sonnewald Energy Mix and Sonnewald Seed, Nut & Fruit Mix
  • Gluten-free products like pastas, flour, baking mixes and more
  • Sprouting Seeds

 Buying in bulk is better for your pocketbook and the planet!

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