Dig-Your-Own Jerusalem Artichokes

Date: October 31 10:00 am

Come dig your own Jerusalem artichokes (sunchokes) on the Sonnewald Farm! Stop by the customer service desk anytime between 10 and 3 on Halloween; a staff member will take you out back to where the sunchokes are and teach you how to harvest them.

Please wear proper footwear.

Children must be supervised by a responsible adult.

Bring your own container so that you can bring your Jerusalem artichokes home with you. You may also bring your own shovel if you have one, but we will have shovels availavle for use here at the store as well. 

What are Jerusalem artichokes?

They're an edible tuber in the sunflower family with a taste similar to artichokes, yet slightly nuttier. They can be eaten raw, chopped up in a sald, or cooked in any of the same ways as a potato: roasted, boiled, sauteed, baked, or steamed. They can also easily be added to a soup or stew. 

Jerusalem artichokes were a staple ingredient in many Native American cultures, and they're a good option for people with diabetes due to their inulin content. They're also a good source of dietary fiber and several essential minerals. If you've never tried one, this is your chance!

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