Bread Baking Full Day Workshop at Horn Farm Center: York, Pa

Date: March 11 8:00 am
Come and enjoy a full day of baking bread from recipe to consumption. We will pick two or three different bread doughs to make. Learn about ingredients in more detail. See the difference in bread kneaded by hand, with a dough hook and in a bread machine. You will get to taste bread baked in a conventional oven and in the wood fired 1870's Squirrel Tail Oven. During down times, we will talk about quick breads, flat breads and any thing else you might want to discuss. March should be a perfect bread baking day (cool temps; snow on the ground; warm toasty fire inside.) We'll break for lunch, bring your own or enjoy what we have to share. 

Class will be led by Ellen Gibb and Gary Jones. Ellen is a Horn Farm Center Board Member and Gary is a former Board Members - both are long-time volunteers and the driving force behind our Squirrel Tail Oven and Summer Kitchen revitalization project. 

For more information or to register, go visit the following link: Register

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