Food Preservation Basics

Date: April 1 10:00 am
Duration: 1 Hour
Learn about food preservation techniques and the science behind food preservation.

Gardening season has begun! Seeds have been planted, the greenhouse is green with life - Time to learn how to preserve the vegetables you plan on growing so you can enjoy them all year round.

This class will be led by Aeman Bashir, a Food Preservation certified instructor. She will present a general overview of various preservation techniques and discuss the science and safety behind food preservation. Tips and pointers on how to use a water bath and a pressure canner will be covered. Various techniques will include freezing, acidifying, canning, curing, and pickling. This class will be primarily lecture with some demonstration as well.

Location: Horn Farm Center
               4945 Horn Road
               YorkPA 17406

Contact: (717) 332-8710
Learn More: https://hornfarmcenter.org/food-preservation-basics/ 

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