Thermography Screening at Anje' Wellness Center

Date: May 30 10:00 am
Anje' Wellness Center is sponsoring another Thermography Screening at our Center. This non-invasive technique (no squeezing, no radiation)  measures and creates an image of temperature and activity levels of tissues safely, affordably and efficiently. We offer breast, thyroid, abdominal, spine full and half body scans.

Themography was recently featured in the book and video series "The Truth About Cancer" and was praised by renowned holistic physicians including Dr. Christine Northrup, MD, Dr Joseph Mercola and Dr Christine Horner, MD.

Learn more about thermography, including scientific studies, techniques and how to schedule an appointment at our website

Location: Anje' Wellness Center
                 206 Stock Street
                 Hanover, PA 17331

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