Horn Farm Center: Integrated Pest Management

Date: August 19 10:00 am
Whether it’s deer in your sweet corn patch, aphids on your lettuce, weeds in your beet bed, or late blight on your tomatoes, one thing is clear -pests are no fun!

The way we approach pests has a big impact on how often pests occur and how much damage they do. Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is an approach to controlling pests that can minimize or eliminate the use of chemicals while encouraging diverse, healthy ecosystems that produce strong, vibrant crops. This workshop will cover the principles of IPM, ways to integrate IPM strategies into your growing, and discussion of common pest problems in this area.

4945 Horn Road
YorkPA 17406
United States

Phone: (717) 757-6441 

Event Fee:
Integrated Pest Management Class Fee $ 20.00

For more information: Integrated Pest Management Sign-Up

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