An Evening of Original Song


Friends, we were on hiatus & haven't performed anywhere in two months (Paul needed some time free to move) SO WE'RE REALLY RAGING IN FLAMES TO DO THIS AGAIN!...... Come to Radiance on SEPTEMBER 23rd for songs, both new and spanning a lifetime. Let us make Community together, now in these curious times... Please pass the word, and invite those you Love.... (And as always, deep gratitude to Sarah Indrah for making us at home in such a tender, Beautiful setting - One of our all-time favorite places to sing...)

AN EVENING OF ORIGINAL SONG in an intimate candlelit setting, featuring: Songwriter John Terlazzo (vocals, guitar, Indian harmonium),
Kristina Machusick on vocals, flute & recorders,
& Paul Wegmann on vocals & lead guitars

Suggested donation $5 - $20 per person

“Terlazzo makes songs the music ‘biz’ can rarely even dream of visiting…
Visionary, earnest, hopeful & sometimes even broken – but always genuine.”
Lynne Keller, Artspeak

“The rich sharpness of his words create a lush landscape in a strange land…
Wow! What more in the way of voluptuous intricacy of images could you want!”
J. Gennett, Green Man Review, Portland OR

Radiance, 9 West Grant St., Lancaster, PA.
(Directly across the cobblestones from Central Market in the center of town)

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