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Weed Walk with Grace Lefever
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Weed Walk with Grace
Monday: Closed
Tuesday: 10 to 6
Wednesday: 10 to 6
Thursday: 10 to 6
Friday: 10 to 9
Saturday: 8 to 5
Sunday: Closed


Sonnewald will not be offering Weed Walks this Spring

Please consider purchasing your own copy of Walking with Grace DVD and
Field Guide
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"Walking with Grace" Weed Walk DVD & Field Guide

Now you can take Grace's vast knowledge along home with you in this 41 minute DVD. Bonus: 48 page full color Field Guide included!

Great gift idea for gardeners and nature lovers of all ages!

DVD's are available at Sonnewald Natural Foods and at the Sonnewald booth at Morningstar Marketplace, Rt 30 in Thomasville, PA for $19.95.

What is a "Weed" Walk?

Webster's dictionary says a "weed" is any undesired, uncultivated plant that grows in profusion so as to crowd out a desired crop, disfigure a lawn, etc.


What does God say? (Genesis 1:29, Ezekiel 47:12, Revelation 22:2)


At Sonnewald, we believe these plants were created to be a blessing rather than a burden. Our ancestors knew how to use what nature so bountifully offers, for both food and medicine. Unfortunately, we have put our confidence in modern laboratory concoctions and have lost the wisdom of the "weeds".


Do you want to reclaim the knowledge of our ancestors? The "weed" walk is the perfect place to begin your journey back to living in obedience and being richly blessed.

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Who is Grace Lefever?

Grace Lefever was born in York in 1922. She went to Kutztown State Teacher's College where she earned a degree in art. After teaching art for several years, Grace joined Brethren Volunteer Service (BVS) and spent two years in California. Upon returning to the area she worked at the BVS Training Center in Maryland.


In 1954, Grace met her future husband, Harold "Tim" Lefever. He introduced her to countless new ways of thinking and living. She found many of his innovative ideas to make good sense and became intrigued by this free-thinking man who challenged what she had been taught to believe. Life on the farm began for Grace when she married Tim in 1955 and moved to Sonnewald. She raised his three children, and together they had two of their own.


Over the years, Grace's endless quest for knowledge and prolific reading has qualified her to be a very effective teacher on may aspects of personal and planetary health. She has been leading "weed" walks for over thirty years. Thousands of people, both local and international, have been educated and inspired by attending this Sonnewald tradition.


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