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Compost from Sonnewald

Bill oversees the composting at Sonnewald Natural Foods. He uses leaves, the vegetable trimmings from our produce department, and occasionally adds some horse manure to maintain proper balance; about 25% nitrogen to 75% carbon. He turns and mixes the piles as time, heat, and rain decompose the organic materials into the resulting loam that is an excellent soil conditioner and fertilizer.

Purchase Compost

Compost may be purchased at Sonnewald by the bucket.

$2 per 5 gallon bucket or $5 for 3 (5 gallon buckets)
B.Y.O.B. (Bring Your Own Bucket)
Maximum 3 buckets
Mix n’ Match: Compost/Manure

Our compost is available for purchase any time of the year, weather permitting.

Location of Compost

The compost is located on the Sonnewald property. Please view the map to locate the compost pick-up area.

When you arrive at the compost area, please drive your vehicle to the end of the compost pile and look for the sign. Use the shovel provided near the sign and return it to the original place when finished. Pay at the store registers.

Reminder: Bring your own bucket. Make appointment for tractor scoops.

View map & details (maps are also available in the store foyer)

Learn About Compost

Visit www.composting101.com for a complete home composting guide, this site offers practical information for converting yard, garden and kitchen waste into soil building compost.

Visit Penn State Cooperative Extension in York County's website to learn more about compost and more...

Visit Helping the Environment: A Guide to Composting website to learn more about composting...

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