Sonnewald Natural Foods

Sonnewald (Pennsylvania Dutch for “Sunny Forest”) Natural Foods is located on a 60-acre farm in Stoverstown, 8 miles southwest of York, PA. It may be the oldest existing chemical-free farm and natural food store in Pennsylvania.

We have been providing natural, organic, and sustainably produced products, nutritional information, and educational opportunities since 1955.

The store began in the Lefever family's utility room, where they would grind whole wheat into flour for friends and neighbors. Over the years, their relentless search for the truth about health, and their desire to share what they were learning resulted in steady growth.

The Sonnewald tradition continues today with an 8,000 square foot retail store and a book exchange booth at Morningstar Marketplace in Thomasville. Future plans include the creation of the Sonnewald Life Institute.

Our goal is to provide products, education, encouragement, and inspiration for our customers.

How may we assist you on your journey to greater levels of personal and planetary health?

Special Note...

Sonnewald has always been concerned about the health of the planet and the impact of our food choices. In our continuing effort to move toward greater sustainability, we are constantly seeking to carry as many locally and regionally produced products as possible. We welcome you to join us in learning to live more and more gently on the earth.

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Sonnewald Natural Foods | 4796 Lehman Road, Spring Grove, PA 17362 | (717) 225-3825